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3D tattoo is a special kind of art. It does not depend on a style, but the one only purpose of these body drawings is to make an impression that objects drawn come out of the surface or dive into it.

The plot of such tattoo can be different. But the most common ideas, in this case, are, for example, spiders, butterflies, lizards that sit on the human skin and sometimes that looks rather creepy. Mostly animalistic 3D tattoos look realistic to exaggerate this effect. Also elements of body armor, puzzle parts, wholes, different scratches and injuries can be imitated by 3D tattoo. This style is very closely connected with organic and bio-mechanic tattoos.

If you are a real tattoo fan, you must have one for yourself. 3D tattoos are very popular nowadays, but this style appeared long time ago in Southern Africa, where tribes made a primitive 3D tattoos. But modern artist brought this style to the whole new level using technologies and skills that mad

So, different tattoo designs and tattoo ideas will shock you. That’s one of the most impressive tattoo styles. Browse through 3D tattoo category to find inspiration for your own masterpiece, or just look for an idea of your next tattoo.