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Hand tattoos for men and women are nearly the most painful to make. That is because there are loads of nerves and almost no muscles and fat in this part of the body. So, once decided to make a tattoo on the hand, be ready for a horrible pain. And that is also one of the most difficult surfaces for a tattoo artist, as the skin here is not flat. That can be an obstacle to creating a beautiful hand tattoo for some tattooers with a lack of practice.

There is also something you should consider before taking this step from the esthetic point of view. Many people have a negative attitude towards tattoos, and if in the case with shoulders, back or stomach, you can hide tattoos under the clothes, hands are always visible. The fact of having inks can become a reason to reject your job application to offices or governmental institutes, etc. Hand tattoos suit more to artists or performers.

Nevertheless, this information doesn’t make any difference to thousands of people all over the world with hand tattoos, and their number is growing each day. And such tattoo placement is popular not only among men, but also girls are eager to have one too. They are not afraid to lose their jobs or that they will become mothers in future and will have to keep to some social order that suits for this role and excludes tattoos completely. All those girls are very brave and extraordinary.
Some people have doubts as for the convenience and practical side of having tattoos on hands. There is no reason to worry that it will lose its shape very fast. It takes the same time for deformation on any spot of the body. It depends only on how you take care of a fresh tattoo, inks quality and the tattoo artist’s skill. The only thing that will happen inevitably is that the skin on hands will wrinkle, and the drawing will lose its shape.

So, think carefully before making the decision to gain a hand tattoo. It is a very hard task to remove it. And take care of the a skill of tattoo artist, as this tattoo has to be perfect. If everything is fine, this symbol will become an expression of your individuality.