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Lettering tattoos

There is always some definite purpose under the idea of having a tattoo. Mostly it shows some beliefs or main character features of its owner. From the point of view of self-expression and revealing the sense of tattoo idea lettering tattoo has no competitors and fits these aims ideal.

While with a drawing we can only symbolically show or just suggest for an a tattoo idea sense, with a lettering we can say it “in people’s face”. Using words makes it surprisingly easier to express your thoughts and opinion towards things and phenomenons. Your beliefs are convenient to express with a latin phrases tattoos, as those phrases are classy and make you feel much clever.

The meaning of lettering tattoos is defined exactly by a grammar a semantic essence of the words written. The only exception – Asian hieroglyphs. They are a special kind of writing, sense of which is captured not from its grammatical form but from the single meaning consisting of intuitively connected images.
Also, the font chosen makes a significant influence on a lettering tattoo meaning. It, in some way, creates the general background and a mood base for a tattoo comprehension. Traditionally gentle and lyrical words are done in a calligraphic handwriting, however, the strong expressions – in gothic or traditional styles.
Letterings can be rather beautiful and variable, and at the same time they fulfill the tattoo with sense and reveal tattoo ideas completely.