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Nape tattoos

Nape tattoos are equally popular among men and women. This is a relatively small part of the body. This is the main thing which has to be taken into consideration during the search for a new or while choosing a tattoo design among existing. Only such meaningful choice will make a tattoo on a nape look good. Drawings of a small size like butterflies, stars, flowers, or sophisticated ribbons look best on in that area. Small little feminine designs look hot on that spot.

Tattoos of this kind look very unusual. However, this is not a matter of choice for everybody as well as not everybody would appreciate this kind of body art. Such tattoos sometimes look rather funny and interesting but they are far from being a tattoo masterpieces from the cultural and aesthetic points of view.

Women often choose some sort of an ornament tattoo design to be placed on their napes. This is a choice for girls with short haircuts. It is very convenient to have such tattoo, as you can easily hide it with longer hair, just let it grow. And to expose the drawing you can just make a ponytail and that’s it!

Nape tattoos are the same popular as lower back tattoos are. In spite of this fact, they can be different with a great variety of designs. Whether this is a barcode, flowers, hieroglyphs, birth date – all these ideas are suitable for a nape tattoo. The process of making a tat on that spot is nearly painless. The meaning a tattoo depends on a tattoo design. Any of skillfully performed tattoos will underline your beauty and uniqueness of an inner world.

Due to painlessness, conveniences and aesthetical beauty nape tattoos become a choice of approximately 20 percents of women prefer nape tattoos. Now, it’s up to you whether you want to become one of these 20 percents with a bright and unique tattoo placement or to get lost in the army of people with drawings on arms and shoulders.

Nape tattoos are a hell of an extreme choice! However, it’s not so bad as the back of neck tattoos which are much harder to hide. There are a lot of pictures of both kinds on the Dubuddha tattoo gallery and they are worth to be seen and it’s a pleasure for us to share them with you guys!