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Shin tattoos

Legs are one of the most inked parts of the body, and making shin tattoos is a very common practice. They are quite the same popular as, for example, tattoos on calves, but it takes much more of an effort to make one as shin tattooing process is very painful due to the closeness of skin to the bone in that are.

The procedure is a real torture comparing to other areas of a body, like hips and others. However, the pain threshold is different for all people and, for example, soccer players have a thicker skin on their shins, that’s why they can easily make shin tattoos. But definitely, this kind of a tattoo is not recommended for girls, who have much more gentle skin especially on this part of the body, so the procedure will definitely turn into the painful challenge to overcome.

But still, legs appear one of the best areas to make tattoos for girls. All of them want to draw as much attention to their legs as possible, especially if a girl works out and wants her effort to be appreciated. The most common ideas of shin tattoos for girls are flowers of the greatest beauty going up around a leg or lettering designs encoding some private and very important message for a tattoo owner. Sometimes, lizards are met as tattoo designs in this case. Why is this placement a better solution for women?
It’s simple: men’s shins a covered with hair, so it takes much more skill, experience and creativity of a tattoo artist to do the job in a good way. If a man decides to make a tattoo below a knee, as a rule, he chooses animalistic tattoo designs, predators, preferably. Even though shin tattoos for men are not so popular as ones for girls, there are still a lot of guys with, for example, fire-breathing dragons or tigers drawings on their legs.

The aesthetical beauty can be evaluated as seven points of maximum ten. As not only simple lettering can be placed there, but also some big “painting” fits there. The weapon of choice of a tattoo design is a fantasy of a client and a creativity of a tattoo artist.

You have to take into consideration the fact that once you’d made a shin tattoo it would be exposed nearly all the time in summer. And if your life style does not allow you to be seen with a tattoo in public places, among family members or at work, you’d better sustain the idea of having a shin tattoo for better times or choose another placement.
One of the most painful placements but it is totally worth it. Shin tattoos are incredibly remarkable the tattoo designs vary and all of them are cool. Check the pictures here and have fun.