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Small tattoos

Lately, a huge rising of small tattoos popularity is observed. They are found on people’s wrists, ankles, necks. Tattoo ideas, by the way, can be totally different such as geometry figures, letterings, small schematic drawings etc. And this modern trend of minimalistic culture is not ignored by tattoo artists, moreover they eagerly support this tiny but still art.

Mostly the desire to have a small tattoo appears suddenly. People tiny ink not a big deal. However, actually small tattoos deserve as much attention and accuracy as the tattoos of a normal size. Often people come to the studio sure to leave it having the whole Lord of The Rings final battle scene in the 3-5 centimeters of an ink. And demand the tiniest details to be vivid. Unfortunately, this is the waste of time because such tattoo will end up as blurry spot very soon.

If you want to have a small tattoo you should remember the more details tattoo has, the less time it “lives”. That’s why there is always a choice whether to maximize the size of tattoo or simplify the tattoo idea to successfully decrease its size. So, if you want to have the exact tattoo design inked, better consult your tattooer of its best size. In this case, the “golden mean” will be reached and you won’t have to explain your mother where a new birthmark came from.

In the case, if you are aimed at having as small tattoo as possible, choose simple tattoo ideas (stars, geometry figures, schematic drawings). Moreover, such tattoos cannot be placed on elbows, feet, knees and in hip and breast areas. Best spots for small tattoos are considered to be wrists, shins or neck.