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Westfall Tattoo

Westfall Tattoo
Website: www.westfalltattoo.com/ Country: United States
Tel: 707.772.7709 Email: [email protected]
122 I St 2nd Floor Old Town Sacramento United States

I grew up in Northern California where as long as I can remember art has always been a major part of my life. As I got a little older I started getting into much larger scale, more abstract forms of art such as metal sculpturing and wood work. My father owned an iron company and had a full service metal shop which I used often.
When I turned 18 I moved to Iowa and earned my BA in Sociology from William Penn University. During those four years I filled every gap I could in my curriculum with Art classed ranging from color theory to ceramics to photo realism, graduating with almost as many credits in Art as I did in Sociology. Towards the end of College I really started to enjoy and focus mostly on portraits and photo realism. Using charcoal and pencil for most my work, I became most skilled in bringing images to life in black and white.
In 2009, four years after graduating, I did my first tattoo. It was truly a life changing experience for myself and my view for art. The ability to permanently personalize ones body with ink just fascinated me. I knew it was what I’d be doing for the rest of my life. Two years later I became part of the Club tattoo family. Its been an amazing learning experience. I feel like everyday we as artist feed off one another and become more and more rounded in all categories of tattooing. I believe that as long as you have an open mind and the willingness to learn from others, you will never stop absorbing knowledge and will never stop progressing in what you do.

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