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Cover Up Tattoos
There are two main approaches to the correction of tattoo – correction itself and cover up. Tattoo correction is mainly adding a new details to the old tattoo. However, to Cover up tattoo means to make a completely new drawing.

Any tattoo remains good till it’s loved by its owner – that’s the unbreakable truth. Even if it was made awfully ar the idea of it was not so good. And once you’ve unliked the tattoo the it begins to irritate the owner. There are only three ways in this case:
– Just accept it;
– Try to erase it;
– Correct it.

And the last one is desirable for the sake of the art.
In order to make a cover up tattoo, the artist’s high skill and creativity are required as each tattoo in each case is unique. That means, that the tattoo idea should be exclusive and should fit perfectly to hide the old undesirable tattoo, but also the client’s desires should be taken into a consideration. And along all this, tattooer also has limits of the tattoo placement, shape, size and colors of the tattoo being covered up. The details of a new tattoo should completely hide the old one. So, having the intention to make a cover up tattoo, you should probably start with a search of a good tattoo artist.

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