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Neck tattoos

Neck tattoo is a universal phenomenon. It equally fits men and women, however, guys started inking their neck much earlier. It’s necessary to be aware of the fact that this area has a specific shape, that’s why neck tattoo design should be chosen very carefully.

The most reliable variants of neck tattoo designs are definitely different symbols, ornaments and hieroglyphs. In 90’s, there was a remarkably popular trend of crucifixes, lettering and hieroglyph neck tattoos for women. Small drawings also look good in that area. A very good feature of a neck is a possibility to use all its bends to create 3D neck tattoos, underline the shape of a drawing or show different shades of colors.

However, the most elegant body drawings are when the tattoo smoothly goes from neck to shoulder. But the most popular variant is on the back of the neck under the hairline. For a lot of men tattoo on the nape of the neck is considered to be extremely beautiful and hot.
Neck tattoos for men and women are often treated like a rebellion towards the society. Of course, they can be concealed with hair or a high collar, but this area will still remain exposed and it is really a challenge to hide a tattoo in that area.

And one of the biggest pros why people chose neck tattoos is the safeness and painlessness of that area.