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Foot tattoos

There are three popular variants of foot tattoos making. The firs one is on the spot with which soccer players are kicking the ball from fingers to an ankle.
Only the bravest can choose such kind of suffering for oneself. This placement is tho most painfull one, and even the strongest painkillers won’t help. This placement brings paint to the whole new level.

Plus, the foot tattoo is a test not only for the person but for the tattoo artist. Its surface is really bendy, veins are placed not so deep under the skin, which is placed right on the bones. So the tattoo artist who will make such a foot tattoo for you should be chosen wisely.
As for the foot tattoo ideas, any drawing not bigger than a pack of cigarette will look good there. That can be stars, hieroglyphs, or just a detailed dragons or flowers.
Lettering foot tattoos will suit better of the side of the foot. There is not enough space for a good drawing. That’s why lettering is an ideal choice of a tattoo idea.

The rarest variant of foot tattoo is its lower part. And there’s a question emerging immediately after you get to know this piece of information: who would need the tattoo on the placement, which is concealed with shoes and the fact that we stand on it. Even some private tattoos are exposed more often. Definitely, it is hard to enjoy the look of such foot tattoo is almost impossible even for the tattoo owner. So, as a rule, this placement is a choice for couple tattoo ideas, for pranks or just for fun.